Fetish And Fantasy Is A Ball In Las Vegas


For the past 24 years, there has been an exciting ball to attend in the city of Las Vegas. This event has escalated in size and is anticipated by Halloween enthusiasts and fetish-lovers alike. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball is quickly approaching and now is the best time to prepare if you intend on attending. Here are some steps to take to get yourself ready for this featured event.

Decide Upon Your Costume

This ball is known most for the elaborate costumes that attendees wear. Since the theme is “Fetish” and “Fantasy”, think about your inner desires and incorporate them into the clothing and accessories you wear. Think outside the box and consider using a bit of humor. You’ll love the attention you receive from others and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the other costumes people wear as well. Continue reading

The BDSM Scene in Sin City


Do you have a secret fetish that you want to explore further with a beautiful woman while you visit Las Vegas? Most guys know that Sin City has plenty of options available when it comes to hiring escorts to tend to your fantasies. If you are into BDSM, it can be hard to locate a woman that meets your criteria. Here is some more information about the BDSM scene in Vegas so you learn why hiring an escort with experience is the best bet to play out your desires. Continue reading

What to Expect with the Girlfriend Experience in Las Vegas


If you have never heard of a Girlfriend Experience (or GFE for short), or if you have heard about it but aren’t quite sure what happens during one, knowing exactly what to expect can make your date fun and exciting. A girlfriend experience is a service provided by an escort that many men (and women) find extremely pleasing. Here are some benefits to this type of escort service.

You Will Feel A Close Attachment With Your Date

Your date will treat you as if you are her partner from the moment you meet her until your session comes to an end. Escorts are seasoned in knowing exactly what to say and what actions to take at any given time. You will likely forget that you are paying for a service, and may find yourself thinking your date is your true partner. From gentle touches to comfortable conversations, you will feel as if you have known your date for years.

There Are No Strings Attached

While it is a boost to take a beautiful woman out in public to show off to others, there are no worries about your date corresponding you after your session comes to an end (that is unless you WANT her to). She will be there for you in your time of need but will be a memory after your date commences. This is a great benefit for those who want to spend time with a gorgeous date, but do not want the hassle of having a relationship of any kind when it is over.

Your Date Will Look Like An Everyday Person

While some people like to take out escorts on the town because they like the glitz and glam these women often exude, a girlfriend experience is a bit different. Your date will certainly look stunning, but she will not have that aura that shouts out to others you have hired someone to be your date for the evening. She will appear respectful and will have all the charm that a true girlfriend has. Of course, if you go out to a swanky restaurant or a happening club, your date will dress the part…she just won’t look OVER dressed and will definitely fit the role of your girlfriend.

Touching Is A Part Of The Fun

Your escort will not be able to keep her hands off of you….both in private and in public. She will want others to know that YOU belong to her, and she is claiming her property for the evening. She will want to make you feel good with romantic gestures that are often taken for granted by those in real relationships. A soft caress, a peck on the cheek, a playful slap on the behind…these are all actions that couples often take, and your date is no different. Enjoy her advances and think about reciprocating for even more pleasure. Who knows where it may lead and what could happen when you get into a private setting!

How To Book The Perfect Escort Date


The Perfect Vegas DateIf you’re in Las Vegas an wanting to arrange the perfect escort for your time in Sin City, then you should take a look at Las Vegas Perfect 10 escorts website. This fine selection of beauties is hard to beat, and these girls have class too. These are the perfect choices not only for fun, but also for anything work related as well.

Convention Companions And Escorts

Imagine yourself heading to CES or SHOT Shot with a fine babe on your arm. Or see yourself and your girl adventuring the aisles of flashing slot machines, turning heads as you head up to your room with a hot young babe. Come on, you know this is the experience you’ve been wanting to have. You’ve been dreaming about this since you were a young horny lad!

We’ll Make It Easy

So why go through all the trouble of booking the wrong date? You came a long way to be in Vegas. Wouldn’t you rather be sure of what you’re going to get? Of course you would! Spend your time with your girl doing whatever you want to do, instead of wishing you hadn’t because you just struck out.

Ooops! Image Uploads Are Working Again


Some of you may have had trouble uploading pictures to your profiles. The problem has been corrected and picture uploads are working again!

If you have already created a profile and were not able to add pics, you should be able to remedy that now by visiting your profile and retrying the image upload.

Thank you for your patience!


NSSF SHOT Show 2019 Comes To Las Vegas Again


The ever popular SHOT Show is about to open in Las Vegas.  In case you don’t know, The SHOT Show is the shooting, hunting, and firearms industry tradeshow held in Las Vegas every year about this time and is expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees as usual.

This is one of THE most popular expos all year and is likely to be a huge draw as always. We recommend booking your dates early. It’s going to be a sellout in Las Vegas as usual.


The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Opens In Las Vegas


If you’re coming to Las Vegas this week, be aware that the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is in town! Be sure to book your dates early! The CES convention is the biggest all year, drawing as many as 300,000 people from all over the world! Don’t miss out!

And if you’re coming to see the show, have a great time with a great date! Take a look at our latest Las Vegas escorts and make contact with some “arm candy” to make your CES experience even better!

As always, Enjoy!

Welcome To The New Escort20.com, The Replacement For Backpage


We’re expanding! More exciting news will be coming soon on our expansion and growth. Ever since Backpage.com went away, Escort20.com has become the defacto go to for finding quality escort girls from everywhere in the world.

More To Come Soon!

Check back with us often and see the changes, but don’t worry! We’re adding new features with you in find! We can’t wait to show you!

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