Skip The Brothel, They Are Not Even In Las Vegas

You’re headed or are already in Vegas and can’t wait to hit the strip, play some casino games, and perhaps hook up with a pretty lady during your stay. You may have heard about the brothels in the neighboring areas, but hey…they aren’t even in Las Vegas! Here’s why hiring an escort from a private service makes much more sense.

The Cards Are On The Table Before Your Date

At brothels, you aren’t really sure what you are going to be paying for the services you are going to get until right before your date begins. With a private escort service, you are told upfront about pricing and what comes along with this cost. You don’t have to worry about trying to wheel and deal with an escort in a room where she could even flat out say she doesn’t want a date with you. That is tough on a guy….when you get rejected that way. Our service will let you know what is included with your date for the time allotment you choose. There are no hidden costs associated with your date whatsoever! The only additional price you can pay (but it is certainly not mandatory) is the tip you give to your woman to thank her for her services.

You’ll Have Your Selection Made Before Your Date Begins

At brothels, you either sit in a room where women parade around in front of you to tempt you into selecting them for a date, or you’ll sit in a parlor atmosphere where you can converse with the girls before you take one to a private area. You could show up at a brothel and not like what you see in any of the girls. That would be a total downer. With an escort service, profiles with pictures are present for you to browse. You’ll be able to choose from women according to what you find attractive. This is done at your leisure rather than at the spur of the moment.

No Traveling Required, But You Do Have The Option

When you go to a brothel, you’ll need transportation to get there. This means getting in a rental vehicle or hailing a taxi, Uber, or limo. If you have a driver, this means they’ll need to wait there to bring you back. Time on their clock means money out of your wallet. Also, you are limited by having to stay at the brothel for your date. What fun is that? You can’t go out into the city with the girl you select. It is strictly you and her in a room. Eek. When you hire a private escort, you can bring her wherever you want. In fact, she will have recommendations on the hot spots in the area if you aren’t familiar with them yourself. You don’t have to go out if you don’t want to, however. The good part is if you stay in, you don’t have to drive anywhere at all.


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