Las Vegas Escorts – A Gentleman’s Guide To Success


A,exa Loves escorting in Las VegasThere are many reasons to come to Las Vegas. The best reason though, is to have the best fun of your life. It is the one location you can comfortably mix business with pleasure. That is why all year round, there are business conventions, concerts and other kinds of activities that bring people together.

In the mix of all these are the famed escort services you can only get in Las Vegas. Vegas escorts are known to be knowledgeable and savvy about all things entertainment. They know the best clubs, the best casinos and the little secrets that make Vegas one of the most enigmatic cities in the world.

So if you are coming to Vegas for whatever reason, hiring an escort could be the smartest thing to do. Since it is most likely you want to have a memorable experience, the first place to start off is getting the best from your escort. If you can get this part right, you would definitely go back home with a resolve to come back another time.

So how can you get the best from your Las Vegas escort? What do you have to do to make sure you get value for your money?

Fortunately, the basic thing you need to do is really quite simple: be on your best behavior. That shouldn’t be hard. Read on to see how the process is broken down.

1. Don’t keep her waiting

The best escort services train their ladies to be very professional. When you make a decision to book for an escort, expect to meet a lady who is determined to give you a good time. This is her job and she has been trained for it.

One of the best ways to get the best from her is to make sure you don’t keep her waiting. Be on time.

Nobody likes being kept waiting. And since she is on a job, coming up on time is a clear indication you are showing her the respect she deserves. She would surely reciprocate that respect by giving you her best.

2. Dress appropriately

First impressions are important, right? You don’t want your escort to have a low opinion of you before you even open your mouth simply because you chose to dress shabbily.

So dress the part. Make sure your clothes are clean. Use some aftershave or Cologne. Just think of the whole affair as if you going on a blind date or a first date. Naturally, this means you’d do anything to impress the lady you are meeting for the first time.

So make sure you packed some nice clothes. Or you can head to the nearest shop to get kitted up. Don’t spare any expense to make a good first impression.

3. Be on your best manners

You would be surprised at the number of men who behave like uncouth oafs with their escorts and expect to get be treated nicely. These are the sort of men who come back with lots of complaints about their dissatisfaction with the services they got.

If you address and treat your escort like the gentleman you are, she’ll never give you any reason to be aggrieved with her services. If you are on your best behavior, chances are you’d think you got more than your money’s worth from her.

So understand she is a lady and expect her to treat you like a gentleman.

4. Have everything ready for incalls

If you booked for an incall, it would be nice to have everything ready in your apartment. For instance, make sure you have all the basic amenities like running water, air conditioning (or heating for cold weather), furniture and drinks.

You don’t want to have your escort feeling all grouchy in your apartment because of the absence these things.

If for one reason or another you have to leave your apartment, call your escort and inform her. Also, tell her how long you’d be gone and when you expect to be back. It is improper to have your escort arrive only to discover you have left to attend to one emergency or the other.

5. Respect her boundaries

Many men have the misconception that because they are paying for an escort, they have the right treat her anyhow.

Generally, if you behave yourself, you would have no problems with these fine ladies. You need to understand that anything outside the services you hired them for should be avoided.

Most times though, if you are about to stray into unwanted territories, she would remind you nicely to quit. It shouldn’t be hard to heed her warnings and respect her wishes.

6. Respect the contract

It is very unethical to try and pull a fast one to get more than what you signed up for. You must understand that this is strictly a business transaction and it must be treated as such.

One common infraction is to have your buddies around when you pay for an escort. If the escort signed up for only you, there is no way she is going to entertain you and your buddies.

So if you have plans of showing off your beautiful escort to your buddies, kill the dream. It is not part of the contract and it is a clear sign you want to short-change the escort.

Most importantly though, having your buddies around would make the escort uncomfortable even if she is willing to play along. And an uncomfortable lady means you would never get the best from her.

The best course of action if your friends are around is to inform the escort service about it. Most escort services have very good packages for group activities.

7. Don’t be stingy

Though you must have paid upfront for the services of an escort, make sure you have extra money burn. This is even more important if you intend to go clubbing or visit some casinos.

Escorts are at their best when they know the client has enough money and is not stingy. Like every woman, she would love to dine in a decent restaurant and afterward a drink or two at a bar. And who wouldn’t want to go to a club and dance their hearts out while in Las Vegas?

All these activities cost money and a willingness to spend. So make sure you have enough money on you and please don’t spoil the fun by haggling over every expense.

8. This is not a romance

A professional escort is there to make all your fantasies come true. For one night at least, she is going to be everything you desire in a woman and much more.

However, she is not your girlfriend and doesn’t expect to be one. Her smiles, charms and lively disposition are all part of the professional services she is paid to provide.

So don’t make the mistake of taking this fantasy to be real. Never ask her to quit her job to be your girlfriend. This shows you don’t value the service she provides.

Falling for her charms though means she did her job very well. That is a very good endorsement. Don’t spoil the good time you are having by trying to turn your fantastic experience into something that it is not.

So, these some of the important tips to have in mind when you decide to hire an escort in Las Vegas. You would certainly get the best from her and she would willingly come to you the next time you are in town and need her services. Have fun!

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